Our Story

All About Kombucha, This Galway’s artisan adventure is the passion project of Emmett Kerrigan and Keith Loftus. We brew fresh fermented sparkling tea from wholesome organic ingredients, the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.

This adventure came about after emigrating to Vancouver after earning our business degrees at NUI Galway,  where we formed our very first company ‘Emerald Services BC’ a landscape construction company.

We wanted to put some of the learned knowledge from college into practice, something university tends to forget to mention.

Whilst out on a lunch break after a tough mornings build, we stumbled upon Kombucha in a local health food store.

We weren’t sure if we were just dehydrated or plain wrecked that day but we weren’t performing our best. The bottle of booch we picked up just made us feel incredible, instantly, it brought us straight back to life and the rest of the day was a breeze. We were hooked. We had to have more.

Returning to the emerald isle after two years of hard graft and eye catching adventures, we struggled to find a worthy successor to our newfound favourite brew so we had the talk and decided to create our own.

Our original goal was just to make batches for ourselves really but then our friends started putting in orders and our families also, so we decided it might be time for business number two.

We drew from our experiences across the Atlantic and knew instantly what direction we wanted to take. And so we’re here, brewing, bottling, selling and having fun. Its what were All About.


Emmett & Keith