Kombucha for Christmas, anyone?

We've bundled up some of our favourites to offer you at-home Kombucha fun for less this season! There's an option for folks of all ages & passions. Drop us a line if ye need help choosing just one!

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All About Kombucha's deluxe fermented fizzy tea brewing kit with at-home, organic ingredients
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    "The kombucha is delicious and produced with an ethical spirit that is kind to your body. Class."

    Fiona Fitzgerald

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    "The Booch is great stuff. Great for the gut and for the thirst. My fave!"

    Lisa Regan

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    "I've tried Kombucha in London, the States, AND Canada, and this one knocks them all out of the park. Refreshing, lightly carbonated, and overall the perfect balance of flavour and authentic Kombucha tones. It's always the first item in my basket when ever I go shopping in Aldi. Keep it up, AAK!"

    Caolan Cullen

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